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At Durham Duct Cleaning & Pine Ridge Duct Cleaning, service and quality come first. Every customer, large or small, will receive the same level of service.

About us :

Durham Duct Cleaning/Pine Ridge Duct Cleaning: For a cleaner environment and a breath of fresh air!

Durham Duct Cleaning and our sister company Pine Ridge Duct Cleaning have been servicing residential and commercial customers since 2001. We began with just one truck but with our continued customer satisfaction, and excellence in performance, we have grown exponentially in expertise, equipment, and of course, our service.

By placing emphasis on fair pricing, excellent service and excellent workmanship, we have gained a reputation for professionalism and as a result the company has enjoyed an extremely rapid rate of growth.

 As a result of the company’s reputation, approximately fifty percent of our business is derived from referrals from furnace servicing companies as well as other customer referrals.

  Our emphasis is on initially assessing customer’s needs, and then providing solutions to specific problems, which may include filtration, humidification, microbial contamination, and any other problems caused by today’s environmental conditions.

Our equipment processes allow us to clean virtually any type of duct systems. In the residential market we can clean most duct systems in single family homes, townhouses, apartments and even extremely large homes with multiple furnace systems.

The company structure has evolved over time and what makes us different from other companies in our field, is that I, the owner, personally work on each and every job. I oversee and run the cleaning process from beginning to end, while providing a very strong focus on the customers' needs.

At Durham Duct Cleaning and Pine Ridge Duct Cleaning, we believe that service and quality come first. Every customer, large or small, will receive the same level of service. This attitude has served our customers in the past and we are committed to continuing to provide the very best service in the industry.

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Cell Phone: 905 767 0465

Office Phone: 905 240 2531

e-mail : durham_duct_cleaning@hotmail.com