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At Durham Duct Cleaning & Pine Ridge Duct Cleaning, service and quality come first. Every customer, large or small, will receive the same level of service.

Services :
    Duct & Furnace Cleaning
  • We utilize truck mounted vacuums that provide powerful suction.
  • We remove on average 7-8 pounds of dirt and debris, including dust mites, pollen and insects.
  • Cleaning your ducts regularly will reduce Asthma and Allergy Symptoms
  • We use 250 pounds of air pressure throughout the entire air distribution system to ensure that the ducts are thoroughly cleaned.
  • This ultimately reduces Heating and Air Conditioning costs
  • Our technicians will make sure that a thorough cleaning of your complete heating and ventilation system is maintained.
  • You'll Enjoy Our Friendly, Professional Service.
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You can reach us 24 hours a day at:

Cell Phone: 905 767 0465

Office Phone: 905 240 2531

e-mail : durham_duct_cleaning@hotmail.com